jandak photography

Born in City of Malacky, Slovak part of former Czechoslovakia in 1977


Year after I finished my studies in London UK, I became official photographer to President of Slovakia and for 3.5 years I worked for Presidents Rudolf Schuster and Ivan Gasparovic.

In 2002 I had my first solo Exhibition “ Memories of London” in MM Gallery Piestany Slovakia.

In 2003 my work took part in Collective Exhibition in Vatican “ The Holly Father in SLovakia, 3 visits of John Paul II”.

In 2004 my first photographic book “ Focused on President” was published by PPB Publisher Bratislava Slovakia.

In 2005 book “ Pictures from England” was published by Art-Photo Publisher in Bratislava Slovakia.

In 2006 had Group Exhibition in HP Gallery Toronto as part of Contact Mont of Photography.

In 2007 my work was selected to represent Slovakia at EU - Randevu in business trade show in Toronto.

In 2010 my work was exhibited during Nuit Blanche in Ben Navaee Gallery Toronto.

Since 2005 I live in Toronto Canada

Since October 2010 founder and Editor in Chief of PHmagazine


phone: +1 416-875-9405

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